You have the place or the idea? We have the concept!

To be is to do. That’s why a group of friends, all with different backgrounds, came together in 2010 wanting to create a platform for the conception of concepts. With that in mind, the RoomOne Concepts s.a. was founded in 2012, name inspired by the first project called “RoomOne”: a lighthouse inspired one room hotel aiming to put a heraldic landmark to the Mosella region or to any other part of the Grand-Duchy … or even the Greater Region?

Boosted by the publicity this first concept received, RoomOne Concepts s.a. was quickly approached to work on more concrete projects. Obviously not all veils can be lifted right now. But they all have one common goal: fight the depressing worldwide crisis by developing cutting edge concepts in the tourism and horeca sector in Luxembourg.

If you feel the same way and have the right concept waiting to come to life, we are looking forward to hearing from you.